A New Vineyard is Born in the Algarve

Quinta dos Capinhas had the pleasure to present the wines to a group of family and friends. With live music and delicious pairing, the tasting was a success.

It all started as a garden to make the desert-like lands look greener during summer. Quinta dos Capinhas ended up being one of the prettiest vineyards in the Algarve.

In the search for calm, sunny life, warm seas, and good gastronomy, a German businessman ended up falling in love with a Portuguese and by Portugal and settling in Algarve.

Joining his taste for great wines and the wine farming tradition of his wife’s family, a new wine estate is born in Porches. Located on top of a valley with a view of the sea and the Sierra of Monchique, the vineyard is planted on terraces between native trees.

Idyllic. The first official bottles were presented this week at a welcome party hosted by Horst & Inês paired with alternative food and accompanied by live chill-out music.

Sounds good? The next opportunity to try Quinta dos Capinhas wines will be in 2019’s Lagoa Wine Sessions at Água Hotels Vale da Lapa. Save the date: 31st of October!

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