Meet the New Face of Quinta dos Capinhas

 João Capinha joins the new management team of Quinta dos Capinhas wines

We are happy to announce a novelty in the management of Quinta dos Capinhas. As of July 2022, our vineyard, wines, and rental homes will be headed by João Capinha. The young manager accepted the challenge of collaborating with the family project, and from now on, our wines can expect a modern undertaking.

As Quinta dos Capinhas has always been a project conceived by and for the family, João was the ideal choice to take it forward. As manager and enology student, he already has big things planned for Quinta dos Capinhas for the next few years that will be announced here on the blog.

Getting to know the young Capinha

Being an experienced project manager and having been around Quinta dos Capinhas from its very beginning, João Capinha, 32, says he is happy to take care of the future of the vineyard.

João Capinha is the new general manager at Quinta dos Capinhas

Together with his family, João intends to give new energy to the business projects and make Quinta dos Capinhas one of the main points of reference for viticulture in the Algarve.

What to expect from Quinta dos Capinhas

The vineyard, the guest houses, and the wines of Quinta dos Capinhas will become increasingly integrated.

Although so far the project had a more private bias, the old management agreed to unify the services in favor of a richer project.

While the land of the wine farm remains ancestral and traditions remain present, it is important to adapt to new technologies and media. After all, the project has always been about sharing good times in a small paradise in the Algarve.

According to João, the Quinta dos Capinhas experience will become even more delicious and open to a larger audience.

Interested in this journey? Follow the future of Quinta dos Capinhas through our Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to visit our official website for the latest news.

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