‘Vineyard Nights’ New Dates For The Summer Season

Quinta dos Capinhas and Gaspacho & Migas are proud to announce new dates for the much-anticipated continuation of the experience ‘Vineyard Nights – Live Music & Outdoor Dining.’ After hosting a successful inaugural edition of the ‘Vineyard Nights’ event on May 19th, the partnership will offer other distinct wine experiences, now during the beautiful summer nights in the Algarve. 

Guests are invited to participate in an intimate soiree in the Algarve vineyards with a delicious dinner hosted by Gaspacho & Migas paired with Quinta dos Capinhas wines. The experience now also includes a guided wine tour with the producers, table service, and some of the best local Jazz musicians – all for €65 per person.

  • Friday, June 16th
  • Friday, June 23rd
  • Friday, July 7th
  • Friday, July 14th
  • Friday, July 21st
  • Friday, 4th of August
  • Friday, 11th of August
  • Friday, 1st of September
  • Friday, 8th of September
  • Friday, September 22nd
  • Friday, September 29th

Dinners will be accompanied by some of the greatest musical talents in Algarve jazz, the duos Cathy Santos (voice) and André Capela (saxophone) / Filipe Valentim (saxophone) and Diogo Costa (guitar) / Filipe Valentim (saxophone) and Bruno Vitor Martins ( contrabass).

Quinta dos Capinhas Vineyard Nights Dinner Gaspacho e Migas

Join us under a starlit sky with jazz music combined with a tastefully curated outdoor dining experience in a stunning vineyard. Book your seats by clicking here.

Anyone who wishes to join the event can book their seats on the Quinta dos Capinhas website. The event will have a maximum capacity of 30 people. Wine Club Members enjoy a 10% discount on two tickets.

The Splendour of the First Event

A night to remember, indeed, the first edition of ‘Vineyard Nights’ was a stunning dining experience nestled in the verdant heart of Quinta dos Capinhas vineyard.

Vineyard Nights - Live Music & Outdoor Dining | Quinta dos Capinhas Gaspacho e Migas

Keeping true to the quintessence of the Vineyard Nights, the guest limit is always maintained at a maximum of 30, ensuring an intimate and engaging atmosphere that makes every moment all the more special.

About Quinta dos Capinhas

For the uninitiated, Quinta dos Capinhas is a beautiful family-run vineyard located in the Algarve region. Known for its meticulously cultivated grapevines and the production of world-class wines, the vineyard is a haven for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It prides itself on hosting innovative events such as Vineyard Nights, fostering a captivating blend of wine culture and immersive entertainment.

About Gaspacho & Migas

On the culinary front, Gaspacho e Migas is a local gem. Known for their authentic culinary creations in the city of Lagoa, they are a cherished household name in the Algarve region. The partnership with Quinta dos Capinhas for Vineyard Nights is a testament to their ability to cater to unique dining experiences, enhancing them with their exceptional culinary offerings.

Join The Next Edition Of Vineyard Nights

As the anticipation for the upcoming editions of Vineyard Nights continues to swell, interested parties are encouraged to reserve their places through the Quinta dos Capinhas website.

The opportunity to be a part of this unforgettable dining experience in the heart of a vineyard, basking in the soothing tunes of live music, is a call that should not be missed.

So why wait? Grab your tickets now and immerse yourself in an extraordinary dining experience under the stars.

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