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Get to know Quinta dos Capinhas

Defined by The Southern Region, Blessed with abundant sun and the Atlantic breeze

We are a small family vineyard adhering to the principles of quality winemaking.

In the Algarve, where the sun shines most in Europe, where the air is the purest and the short distance to the sea tempers the high temperatures, we settled our wine estate, Quinta dos Capinhas.

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Who Makes Quinta Dos Capinhas Possible

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How It All Started

Quinta dos Capinhas was created due to a personal taste for wine, the Algarve region, and romance. Horst and Inês found themselves in the beautiful Algarve countryside, overlooking the Atlantic ocean in a fairy tale valley.

Surrounded by wild vegetation and small wild animals, they decided to build a family farm and carry on the local winemaking traditions where their love story began.

They extended their gardens to 6 hectares, studied the soil conditions, and dived into Algarve’s winemaking traditions. Today, different grape varieties provide the perfect pairings for the wines the family loves to taste.

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Where We Are Headed

Quinta dos Capinhas’ vision included restoring the valley to its former glory. First, we revived viticulture, but we always intended to bring people to enjoy the Algarve with us.

To this end, we rebuilt the various houses that were uninhabited here, making a point of keeping the original Portuguese identity intact.

Besides wine, Quinta dos Capinhas protects the native flora and cultivates carob trees, almond trees, olive trees, cork oaks, and many others.

Now, you can be part of our little paradise in the Algarve in our holiday villas or with every sip of wine.

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